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Areas of expertise

IA lawyers have great experience and a high level of expertise in the subject field, and we are offering complete legal support to the clients, regardless of they are the buyer or seller in the merger & acquisition procedure.
Many years of professional training and the commitment of team members to follow modern legal trends in the field of competition law, based on EU rules and transposition of the EU acquis communautaire and the practices of the European Commission (EC), has enabled IA Lawyers to have professional capacity for comprehensive consulting of clients in all forms of business practices.
The members of our team have vast knowledge and experience in the procedures of investment arbitration in accordance with the rules of the ICSID Convention, UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, as well as the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Our reliable and specialized legal departments provide quality professional services to domestic and foreign clients, covering the entire spectrum of corporate law. 

In focus

OIE Pravno savetovanje Bosna

Pravno savjetovanje – Obnovljivi izvori električne energije

April 2024. Razvoj i izgradnja projekata obnovljivih izvora energije (OIE) u posljednjih nekoliko godina uistinu doživljava snažnu globalnu ekspanziju. Nestabilnost tržišta klasičnih energata (nafta, ugalj, plin), želja za energetskom samostalnošću država, odnosno obvezne smjernice i direktive EU predstavljaju ključne smjernice

                                                                                                       Law firm IBRAHIMOVIC & CO in cooperation with local lawyers:

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