Successful student internship organized by the Faculty of Law University of East Sarajevo and the Law Firm “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO”

In the tradition of its support to the Faculty of Law University of East Sarajevo, the Law Firm “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO” organized summer internships for prominent individuals from this faculty. For summer students, the Law Firm provided a comprehensive induction program designed to help make the transition from University to commercial practice as smooth as possible. From the beginning, practitioners were involved in the entire work. They were exposed to local and cross-border work, both for local and international clients. Working with lawyers of all levels and expertise, they had the opportunity to attend relevant professional development events. The types of work in which the students were involved were: administrative correspondence, preparation of court documents, drafting agreements, review of documents, attending meetings with clients/lawyers, court visits, as well as other situations where they had the opportunity to put into practice their legal research skills that have acquired at the University.

More about their experiences follows in the reviews:

Đokica Tomić, graduate student of the Faculty of Law, University of East Sarajevo

Professional practice gives us the opportunity to experience the business environment and to see from the inside how things work in the business environment, but also to acquire additional work habits, skills and knowledge. That is why practice at the Law Firm “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO” is a valuable experience. During our internship, we got to know the organization and work of the “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO” Law Firm. We got a chance to hear, see and learn firsthand about the legal profession. We had the opportunity to experience what we had previously learned at the university in reality. Also, we were able to hear a lot of interesting things that the employees encountered in their work and thus see the positive and negative sides of this job. We were enabled to feel the work in a team, but also to extend the theoretical knowledge acquired at the faculty to the field of practical work. Apart from the legal knowledge we acquired, I realized how important the working environment is for productive work. The excellent mutual relations of the employees also reflected on us students. All the employees were very kind, accommodating and open to answering all our questions and clarifying any doubts we had. The knowledge gained through practical work at the Law Firm “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO” gives me motivation for further education and training. I believe that what I have learned in this relatively short period will be of great importance in my future professional life.

Bojana Blagojevic, graduate student of the Faculty of Law, University of East Sarajevo

First of all, I would like to thank the Faculty of Law for enabling me to practice at the “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO” Law firm in Brcko. Thanks to this internship, we gained new knowledge and experience, which will be of great importance to us in the future, so the impressions after the internship are very positive and I am very satisfied. I also want thank to the lawyers of this Law firm, who were extremely kind to us, and selflessly shared their knowledge and many experiences with us, and showed us what the law actually looks like in practice. It was a great pleasure for me that we had the opportunity to attend the hearing, and every day we learned something new. I am glad that I am richer for a new experience. I would recommend to all my colleagues to participate in as many activities as possible at the University in the future.

Stefan Gojaković, student of the Faculty of Law, University of East Sarajevo

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ibrahimovic and the Faculty of Law of the University of East Sarajevo, who made it possible to carry out professional practice at the “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO” Law Firm. I am extremely proud that the practice is carried out in my hometown, as a result of the cooperation between the Faculty of Law and the legal community. Special thanks to the entire team of the Law Firm, who made this internship an unforgettable and useful experience, both in the continuation of studies and in further professional development. Since the members of the legal team deal with different, yet closely related fields, we had the opportunity to go through their field individually with each lawyer. All lawyers were ready to answer all our questions and concerns at any time. They showed us the beauty and creativity of their work, but also the challenges they face on a daily basis, and through practical tasks, they made it even closer to us. However, the best proof of that was the attendance at the hearing, where we had the opportunity to learn more about the work of the court, and to directly observe everything that the members of the Bar Association pointed out to us through the conversation and assignments. Through this professional practice, we had the opportunity to practically apply the theoretical knowledge acquired at the faculty, and thus complete our legal education. Also, we got the opportunity to feel what it means to be part of a work collective and how positive solutions are reached through direct interaction with other colleagues. I sincerely hope that this is only the first in a series of forms of cooperation between the Law Firm “IBRAHIMOVIC & CO” and the Faculty of Law of the University of East Sarajevo.

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