Ibrahimović & Co

About us

If your business is not taking place within the set legal framework, and disrupts you in implementation of your strategy, our task is to assist you to start the process of legal transformation.

Combining rational and intuitive thinking

Our strength is our ability to adopt new types of reasoning and to use state-of-the-art legal tools in order to help our clients to overcome the challenges of the competition in the today’s new global economic order. On a daily basis we enjoy in creating of the strong preventive or defensive strategies which enable our clients to achieve the best possible results.

Reviewing problems from different legal angles

„IA Lawyers“ is consisted of various types of lawyers whose interests are reflected in different specializations. Our practice has expanded to legal fields important to out clients, so today the scope of our knowledge and services reaches all segments which refer to  investments, realization of investments, complex acquisitions, establishing of lawful system of functioning for the client, monitoring projects, and to continuous support in resolving of the most complex disputes, either referring to the international or court cases. 

We draw our ideas from the experiences in work on the international markets

Differentiation of operations and fostering of partner relations have built us the network of satisfied clients made of national and multinational companies in all business activities, and on due to this we have positioned the our expert services from Middle East to Central Europe.

We believe there is always faster and easier path to the goal

We are constantly redesigning our business approaches and combine different knowhow, in order to find the shortcuts to the set goal.

Characteristics of our operations

Our work experience with the international economies gives us the wider viewpoint in our approach to each of your problems. Regardless if you are want to expand to new markets, thinking about equity from new sources or dealing with complex disputes, we can point you to an adequate solution. Our team combines the new reasoning, high level of knowledge and adequate previous experiences. 

What distinguishes us from the others is:

Our business in numbers

of the clients are with us for over 5 years
0 %
of the clients members of multinational groups
0 %
successfully resolved legal issues/problems
0 %
international markets where we absorb experience and knowledge

Response to changes

The best segment of our business is the ability to realize the social changes with the clients that reflect the same beliefs and feelings.

In the interest of the clients we have initiated adoption or amendments to dozens of regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and influenced creating of new practices in actions of the authorities, in order to be a part of the positive changes in the business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The needs of the clients have affected in such manner so that we have enabled providing of our services on several locations, so our legal team in Brčko District and Sarajevo, in cooperation with the network of longtime partners, diligently works also on establishing of the new regional center – opening of a Law office in Belgrade.

New social trends of redirecting all business activities to internet, have affected us in a way so that we are also offering our clients the service of online monitoring of the cases, so that regardless of the physical location, by means of specially designed application, at any moment, they can get the necessary information on work of our legal team.