Areas of expertise

Financial sector | Insurance | Capital market and investments

IA lawyers have significant professional knowledge and experience in the financial sector, and we provide comprehensive services that include:

The office has an experienced and trained team that protects the interests of clients in the field of insurance. Areas of activity of our team members relate to:

IA lawyers provide services that cover all aspects of the capital market, including regulatory and transactional issues. Our experienced team has the capacity to advise credit institutions and investment firms on a wide range of activities, including assessment of compliance with the regulatory framework applicable to the financial instruments market. Besides this, we offer the service of advising companies listed on the Stock Exchange on compliance issues with the applicable regulatory framework, all matters related to securities, including the issues of corporate governance, transfer of shares from minority shareholders, as well as advice in case of abuse and manipulation of the market.

Contact persons

Nadin Kantić

Attorney at Law │ Partner

Areas of expertise: Banking Law; Contract Law in commercial transactions; Customs; Insurance.

Marija Plavšić

Business Development Manager

Areas of expertise: Statistics; Quantitative Finance; Financial management; Managerial Accounting.