Areas of expertise

Industry, production, and transport

The flexibility, expertise, and efficiency of our team have contributed to the clients in the field of industry, production, and transport to reduce or avoid numerous operational risks in times of significant commercial challenges and problems in maintaining business continuity caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

A comprehensive legal approach, innovative thinking, and expertise of the team guarantee our clients the best legal protection and adequate response to constant and uncertain changes in the market of industry, production, and transport. The ability of participants in the processing, manufacturing, and transportation markets to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, more than ever in recent history, determines future success in business, which is why the support of an experienced and flexible legal team is necessary in everyday operations.

Contact persons

Nadin Kantić

Attorney at Law │ Partner

Areas of expertise: Banking Law; Contract Law in commercial transactions; Customs; Insurance.

Tanja Blagojević

Attorney at Law

Areas of expertise: Corporate Law; Bankruptcy and liquidation; Property Law.